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Please read below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding New Hope Counseling - our methods, treatments, and much more. Send me a message if you have any other questions.


What is an MFT?

Marriage and family therapists (MFT) are mental health professionals with a minimum of a master's degree and two years supervised clinical experience. Marriage and family therapists are trained and licensed to independently diagnose and treat mental health and substance abuse problems. Marriage and family therapy is one of the core mental health disciplines and is based on the research and theory that mental illness and family problems are best treated in a family context...Read More about MFTs by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common type of mental health counseling (psychotherapy). With cognitive behavioral therapy, you work with a mental health counselor (psychotherapist or therapist) in a structured way, attending a limited number of sessions...Read more about CBT by the Mayo Clinic


What should I expect from therapy?

At New Hope Counseling, it is your therapist's intention to provide services that will assist you in reaching your goals. Based upon the information you provide and the specifics of your situation, your therapist will provide recommendations to you regarding your treatment. Therapists and clients are partners in the therapeutic process. You have the right to agree or disagree with your therapist's recommendations. Your therapist will also periodically provide feedback to you regarding your progress and will invite your participation in the discussion.


**Due to the varying nature and severity of problems and the individuality of each client, your therapist is unable to predict the length of your therapy or to guarantee a specific outcome or result.


Are my sessions confidential?

All information disclosed within sessions or consultations is held strictly confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without a written release of information, except where disclosure is permitted or required by law. Disclosure is required in the following circumstances:


1) When there is a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect, or abuse to a dependent or elder adult,

2) When the patient presents an imminent danger to self or others, or

3) If a judge determines that our discussions are not confidential, a judge may request specific information.


***If you participate in marital or family therapy, your therapist will not disclose confidential information about your treatment unless all person(s) who participated in the treatment with you provide their written authorization to release such information. However, it is important that you know that your therapist utilizes a “no secrets” policy when conducting family or marital/couples therapy. This means that if you participate in family, and/or marital/couples therapy your therapist is permitted to use information obtained in an individual session, when working with other members of your family. Please feel free to ask your therapist about the “no secrets” policy and how it may apply to you.


Do you accept insurance?

New Hope Counseling accepts all insurance and will bill your insurance company as a courtesy. However, professional services are rendered and charged to the patient and not to the insurance company. Not all issues/problems/conditions dealt with in therapy are covered by insurance. It is your responsibility to verify the specifics of your coverage. You are responsible for any applicable deductibles and copays at the beginning of each session and are  responsible for full payment if the insurance company denies the claim...Click here to read the full text of our Office Policies and Fee Agreement

Do you perscribe medications?

No. New Hope Counseling provides non-medication based treatments and does not perscribe medication or make recommendations for medication of any kind.



Are you a covered entity under HIPAA?

Yes, and as a covered entity under HIPAA, New Hope Counseling strives to protect your Personal Health Information (PHI)and to ensure your information shall be properly and securely maintained by this practice in compliance with HIPAA...Click to access the full text of our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

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