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About Us

New Hope Counseling was founded in 1993 by Patricia Reed MA, MFT 33142 and is conveniently located in Milpitas, CA. Over the past 20 years, New Hope Counseling has helped hundreds  of Silicon Valley families, couples, and individuals find new hope. With a strict dedication to delivering the most quality treatment, founder and director Patricia Reed MA, MFT guides clients using advanced methods within CBT and T.E.A.M. Under Patricia Reed's directorship, New Hope Counseling was voted "Best Counselor" and "Best Therapist" by the Milpitas Post for over a decade.

Patricia Reed MA, MFT 33142 Director, New Hope Counseling

Patricia Reed, MA, MFT 33142

M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)

Founder & Director New Hope Counseling


Patricia Reed is a licensed MA, MFT 33142, founder and director of New Hope Counseling, and voted "Best Therapist" in Milpitas, CA for over a decade. In addition to 20 years of experience as a Marriage Family and Child Therapist, Patricia is a certified TEAM  Level 3 therapist completed at the Feeling Good Institute under Dr. David Burns. She completed her Bachelor's Degree Psychology at San Francisco State University, Certificate Biblical Studies, Simpson College, and holds a Masters Degree (MA MFT 33142) from Santa Clara University.


Patricia specializes in providing treatment to children and adults for individual, couple, and family therapy using advanced methods within Cognitive Behavior Therapy and T.E.A.M. Patricia's goal in founding New Hope Counseling was to extend healing and hope to people who need them. Over the past 20 years she has helped hundreds of people respond in new ways to the life challenges they face. New Hope Counseling can help you treat depression, anxiety, abuse and/or trauma, loss, children's behavior disorders and disabilities, relationship issues, and management and/or resolution of conflicts, and much more.

Let me help you:


• Identify and understand the sources of your concerns

• Find alternative ways of viewing situations

• Begin to manage daily stresses and establish relational boundaries

• Improve awareness, respect and communication

• Build self- confidence and develop a support system

• Discover Biblical principles for relationships and life goals


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