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**Services are offered exclusively as telehealth via Zoom, and will continue for as long as your well-being is strengthened through the practice of physical distancing. **

The road to healing begins with new hope
No matter the source of your problem - if you are ready for help - New Hope Counseling is ready to help you! I have successfully treated hundreds of Silicon Valley children, adults, couples, and families suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, abuse, behavior disorders, divorce and much more.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
The road to new hope begins with you
Counseling is a great way to rethink your problems, reassess your options, develop a new position, and learn to practice healthy boundaries and behaviors. Send us a message to begin your journey!
cognitive behavior therapy

let me HELP you


• Identify and understand the sources of your concerns

• Find alternative ways of viewing situations

• Begin to manage daily stresses and establish relational boundaries

• Improve awareness, respect and communication

• Build self- confidence and develop a support system

• Discover principles for relationships and life goals



Patricia Reed MA, MFT 33142

Director, New Hope Counseling

Your Greatest Self


take back

your life






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